The Host Connections view

You can use the Host Connections view to create and manage system connections and login credentials. You can import or load shared connections from an external file or URL, and export connections to a file. You can set default connections, and set whether to connect automatically to default connections at startup.

To open the Host Connections view, click Window > Manage Connections on the main menu for the workbench.

The view shows the default connection category of z/OS® and the default connection types of z/OS FTP and z/OSMF. Depending on which additional plug-ins are installed in z/OS Explorer, the view shows the corresponding additional connection categories and connection types.

Each connection that you define can be associated with a credential. The credential is indicated in parentheses after the connection name.

One connection in each connection category can be set as the default. Default is shown in parentheses after the connection name and the credentials, and the connection name is shown in parentheses after the connection category.

You can use the following icons in the toolbar of the view:
  • Expand All icon Expand all icon. Expand the connection types in the view and show all the connections.
  • Collapse All icon Collapse all icon. Collapse the connections in the view and show only the connection types.
  • Create Connection icon Create Connection icon. Create a connection. By default, the options to create a z/OS FTP connection and a z/OSMF connection are available. Options to create other connection types are available when the relevant plug-in is installed in z/OS Explorer.
  • Automatically connect to defaults on startup icon Automatically connect to defaults on startup icon. Connect automatically to the connections that are set as default when z/OS Explorer starts.
  • Show Links icon Show Links icon. Show connections that are loaded from an external connections file.
  • Load Connections from file or URL icon Load Connections icon. Load or import connections from an external connections file or URL.
  • Export Connections to File icon Export Connections to file icon. Export connections to an external connections file.

For more information about working with connections, see the related links.