Testing RSE API in Zowe API Mediation Layer

After the RSE API server is registered to Zowe™ API Mediation Layer successfully, you can access the RSE API tile from the API Catalog after you log in to the API Gateway port that defaults to 75544.
Zowe API catalog

When you select the catalog file, you can see the detail for the APIs rendered based on their open API definition.

Selecting an API, such as GET jobs, allows you to execute live API requests with the "Try it out" feature. The following screen capture shows the result after running an API to list all jobs beginning with ZWE* for owner *.
GET jobs

The Request URL shows that the API request is: https://tvt5003.svl.ibm.com:26502/ibmrse/api/v1/jobs?prefix=ZWE%2A&owner=%2A, which is directed to the API Gateway running on 26502. The ibmrse is the service ID for the API, making it unique across the API Gateway's registered services. The RSE API that actually serves the request is https://tvt5003.svl.ibm.com:6800/rseapi/api/v1/jobs?prefix=ZWE%2A&owner=%2A on its own 6800 port and with the apiID of rseapi.