The utility is started by executing FEKINIT, which resides in SFEKEXEC, from within an ISPF environment. The following sample invocation command can be used from any ISPF panel command line:


FEKINIT can accept optional positional parameters:

Figure 1. FEKINIT startup parameters
FEKINIT startup parameters
High-level qualifiers of the common product libraries. By default, the value is extracted from the exec startup information provided by TSO.
High-level qualifiers of the user-specific libraries. By default, FEK.#CUST is used.

The user will be asked to confirm or change this value during startup.

z/OS Explorer Vx.x utility initialization
Driver level ddmmyyyy
HLQ for install datasets = FEK
A high level qualifier for user configuration datasets is required
Enter the HLQ or press enter to default to FEK.#CUST

HLQ for user datasets = FEK.#CUST
Note: Extensive help panels are available for each ISPF panel. They can be accessed with the PF1 key.