Properties in that affect product updates

Several properties that are specified in the file work together to determine how product updates are delivered by the push-to-client feature.

Indicates whether push-to-client is used to deliver product updates. Valid values are TRUE, FALSE, SAF, and LDAP:
  • TRUE - product updates are enabled for all users.
  • FALSE - product updates are disabled.
  • SAF - product updates are enabled based on permission to security profiles.
  • LDAP - product updates are enabled based on membership in LDAP groups.
For information about setting up LDAP access groups and SAF-based access groups, see these topics:
Indicates whether clients are allowed to reject product updates that are delivered by the push-to-client feature. The default is FALSE.
Indicates whether the product license is automatically accepted during updates that are initiated by push-to-client. If this property is set to FALSE, push-to-client does not attempt to distribute any product updates. If it is true, push-to-client attempts to deliver product updates and adds the -acceptLicense argument to the Installation Manager invocation. The default is FALSE.