Viewing properties of the MVS Files subsystem

The Properties view for the MVS Files subsystem provides quick access to information about the MVS™ Files subsystem and your remote system connection1.

The MVS Files subsystem Properties view displays the following information:
The connection status of the subsystem: Yes or No.
MVS Files.
Number of children
The number of folders, such as My Data Sets, Retrieved Data Sets, My Favorites, or any other filters you created.
The port that is defined for the subsystem during the remote system connection.
Server Level
The version of the IBM® Explorer for z/OS® server that is installed on the z/OS system.
Whether the remote system connection was secured with SSL: Enabled or Disabled.
User ID
The user ID with which you logged in to the remote system.
The version of z/OS installed on the server.
Restriction: The following operations in the Remote Systems view can change the last referenced date on PDS members, which is a known issue:
  • Selecting a PDS.
  • Expanding a PDS.
  • Selecting the Show in Table action on a PDS.
  • Doing a remote z/OS search.
1 For IDz users, the MVS Files subsystem Properties view also displays the following information:
Property Group Name
The name of the property group that is associated with the subsystem.
Property Group Overrides
Whether any values in the property group were overridden: Yes or No.
2 For IDz users, you can also display and work with generation data groups in the z/OS Projects view.