Saving a TSO session

You save TSO sessions to retrieve your output later or take advantage of more editing features, such as Compare (to compare multiple outputs) or Print.

To save your TSO session, follow these steps:

  1. Issue a TSO command from the TSO command shell.
  2. Repeat the previous step for as many commands as you want to enter.
  3. From the menu in the TSO command shell, select Export Shell Output.
    A window opens, prompting you to choose the location on which to save the output on your workstation. A default file name that you can change is provided.
  4. After you specify the location and file name, click OK.
    The session output is saved in the TSO Commands node of the remote system in the Remote Systems view.
To open a saved session and work with the output, double-click the session name that is listed under TSO Commands. You can print the session or select multiple saved sessions to compare the outputs of each.