Retrieving jobs

Use the Retrieve Job action to add jobs to the JES subsystem without defining a filter.

  1. In the Remote Systems view, select JES and then select Retrieve Job from the menu or press Ctrl+J.
    You can also open this window by selecting any of the following Remote System view resources and pressing Ctrl+J: any JES filter, a JES job, or a JES job data set.
    The Retrieve Job window opens. The field on this window can be prefilled in two ways:
    • If you performed previous searches, the last search pattern that is used is shown in the field.
    • If you submitted a job by using the Submit menu item from the Remote Systems view1 or by using the submit line command from the z Systems® LPEX Editor, the job ID of the last job that is submitted is shown in the field.
  2. Type a job name pattern to search for and press Enter.
    Matching jobs are listed in the window. The jobs are sorted by job name and then by job ID so that the most recent jobs are at the top of the list. The window also displays the number of matches.
  3. Optional: You can type a new search pattern to update the list of matches.
    If you type an invalid job name pattern, for example, or if you receive many matches, you can change the search pattern to try the search again or narrow down the list of matches.
  4. Optional: To save the search pattern as a new filter, click Add these matches to a new filter.
  5. Optional: To open the job output for a job on the list, select the job name and click Open.
  6. Select the job that you want and click OK.
    The job that is selected is added to the Retrieved Jobs filter in the JES subsystem and highlighted in the view. This filter saves the last five retrieved jobs. If you selected Add these matches to a new filter, all matching jobs are added to the new filter and the selected job is highlighted there.
    Note: The Retrieved Jobs filter is a system-controlled filter. Its unique status is indicated visually by a unique icon: a filter icon that is superimposed with a pushpin. The only way to populate this filter is by using the Retrieve Job window. You cannot maintain this filter, change its contents, rename it, or delete it. To add search results to a filter that you can maintain, use the Add these matches to a new filter option.
1 For IDz users, you can also submit a job by using the Submit menu item from the z/OS Projects view.