Finding and editing members

You can use the Find Member action to quickly find and edit a partitioned data set member.

You can take a shortcut to editing a partitioned data set member from the Find Member window by typing a specific member name and clicking Open Member or pressing Alt+O. The member is opened in the editor, and the member list retrieval process is bypassed.
Note: For complete instructions for using the Find Member window, see Finding members.
  1. Open the Find Member window.
  2. Type a specific partitioned data set member name and click Open Member or press Alt+O.
    The member is opened in an editor. If the member name you type does not exist, but the name is valid, the Confirm Member Creation window opens to prompt you to create a data set member and open it in the editor.
    Note: Open Member is always enabled to facilitate the quick editing of a data set member. This button is enabled even when an invalid name message is displayed. When an invalid member name or pattern is entered in the Find Member window, the following message is displayed: To open or create a member, enter a valid member name.
1 For IDz users, the MVS Files subsystem Properties view also displays the following information:
Property Group Name
The name of the property group that is associated with the subsystem.
Property Group Overrides
Whether any values in the property group were overridden: Yes or No.