Creating a filter with selected data sets

You can define a filter with the data sets that you select. The data sets can come from different filters.

Before you can create a filter for an MVS™ system, you must create a connection to the system. For instructions, see Creating a connection to a z/OS system.
  1. In the Remote Systems view, under the connection name, in MVS Files, expand the filters that include the data sets that you want to include in the filter, and use Ctrl+left-click to multi-select them.
  2. Right-click on one of the selected data sets, and then click New > Filter from Data Sets.
  3. In the Filter name field, type a name for your filter and click OK. The new filter is added to MVS Files.
1 For IDz users, the MVS Files subsystem Properties view also displays the following information:
Property Group Name
The name of the property group that is associated with the subsystem.
Property Group Overrides
Whether any values in the property group were overridden: Yes or No.