Updating and installing software

You can use the facilities provided by the Eclipse platform to update your z/OS® Explorer or other compatible product software, for example CICS Explorer®, or add new software plug-ins, for example CICS® tools.

For z/OS Explorer Version 2.1 and later, you can use the composite update site to keep up to date with new versions of z/OS Explorer and to add new tools and plug-ins to your z/OS Explorer environment. For more information, see Using the composite update site.

The update site for the z/OS Explorer Explorer is already coded in the product. You can see the site address on the Installed Software page in the Software Updates window.

If you choose not to use the composite update site, you need to specify the address of your preferred update site, either on your local machine or a remote location. You can add multiple update sites, each containing one or more software downloads.