Select or deselect software sites to check for available software

You can select or deselect one or more update sites in z/OS® Explorer to use for updating software, using the Available Software Sites dialog.

This example task shows you how to use the Available Software Sites dialog to select or deselect sites to check for available software updates. All sites registered in z/OS Explorer are shown in the list in the Available Software Sites dialog.

  1. Click Help > Install New Software on the menu bar. The Install window opens.
  2. Click the What is already installed link. The Installation Details window opens. The Installed Software tab shows a list of the installed software.
  3. In the Installation Details window, select or deselect software to check for updates.
  4. Click Update. z/OS Explorer searches the update site for a newer version of the code. Note that the update site must be defined in the Preferences page. See the related links for information on adding a new software update site.
The sites selected are displayed in the Available Software page. The sites are the only ones that are checked for software updates.