Setting up filters to explore a z/OS UNIX system

After you create a connection to an IBM® z/OS® system, set up filters to explore the hierarchical file system (HFS) on z/OS UNIX System Services.

To set up filters to explore a z/OS UNIX system, complete the following steps:

  1. Change to the Remote System Explorer RSE perspective.
  2. In the Remote Systems view, double-click the z/OS UNIX Files node to expand it.
    The z/OS UNIX Files subsystem has two predefined filters: My Home and Root.
  3. To define a new filter, right-click the z/OS UNIX Files node, and select New > Filter from the menu to open the New Filter wizard. To change the location that a filter points to, right-click the filter, and select Properties from the menu. Switch to the Filter Strings page, and select filter string.
  4. To configure the filter to point to a specific directory:
    • From the Folder list, select the path.
    • In the Folder field, type the path from the root.
    • Click Browse to browse for your home directory on the remote system.
    You can use file extensions to specify the file types to narrow down the filter further.
    Tip: The first time that you attempt to access a folder on the remote system, you are prompted for your user ID and password.
  5. Save your changes and close the dialog box.