ISPF Gateway connection

Verify the ISPF Gateway connection by executing one of the following commands, with these replacements:
  • Replace proc with a valid TSO logon procedure for this user ID that does not invoke ISPF panels.
  • Replace acct with a valid account number for this user ID.
  • Replace group with a valid security group ID for this user ID.
  • Replace size with a valid region size for this user ID.
For Legacy ISPF Gateway, issue:
For Interactive ISPF Gateway, issue:
fekfivpi –P proc –A acct –G group –S size

The commands should return a success message.

fekfivpi has the following optional, non-positional, parameters:
fekfivpi can produce large amounts of output, running into hundreds of lines. The -file parameter sends this output to a file, $TMPDIR/ fekfivpi.log, where $TMPDIR is the value of the TMPDIR directive in rse.env which, by default, is /tmp.
The -debug parameter creates detailed test output. Do not use this option unless directed by the IBM® support center.