Deleting a resource

You can delete a file in the Remote Systems view.

Deleting a resource deletes it from the remote system. 1
Note: System administrators can disable the Delete action on the Remote Systems view. For instructions on disabling this action, refer to the IBM® Explorer for z/OS® Host Configuration Guide (SC27-8437).

To delete a resource2:

  1. In the Remote Systems view or the z/OS Projects view, right-click the resource that you want to delete and click Delete.
  2. When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click Delete. The resource is deleted.
    When you delete a generation data group, all generation data sets in the GDG are deleted and then the GDG base is deleted.
1 For IDz users, if you want to remove a resource from a subproject, use the Remove from Subproject action in the z/OS Projects view.
2 For IDz users, you can remove a resource from an MVS™ subproject. For more information, search for Removing a resource from an MVS subproject in IDz KC.