Changing and renaming filters

You can change or rename a filter if you want to alter the host items that it displays in the Remote Systems view. When you change a filter, you can also add extra conditions to what is filtered. For example, if you have a filter that displays all files of type *.c, you may also want to add an additional filter string that will display files of type *.h also. To change or rename a filter:

  1. In the Remote Systems view, expand your connection name, and then expand Files to see a list of filters.
  2. Right-click the filter and select Properties.
  3. In the properties window, select the Filter Strings category and do the following actions:
    • Edit the conditions that are filtered and click Apply. If you want to add extra conditions, as described in the introduction to this topic, click New filter string and complete the dialog. Click Create.
    • Modify the name of the filter.
  4. Click OK.