Setting options for real-time syntax checking

You can set preferences that control whether the editor checks syntax while you edit a file. Warning annotations assist with making corrections to identified errors. Disabling the syntax parser causes any tooling that is dependent on it to be disabled. The maximum number of problems that are reported is 200.


  1. Click Window (on Windows) or IBM Developer for z Systems (on macOS) > Preferences.
  2. Choose JCL > Real-Time-Syntax Checking to set preferences for the JCL Editor.
  3. To enable real-time syntax warnings to identify programming errors while you edit, select the Enable real-time syntax warnings check box.
  4. If real-time syntax warnings are enabled, you can specify the maximum number of errors that are reported during an edit session. Specify an integer 1 - 200 for the Maximum number of problems reported per compilation unit field.
    The maximum includes the file content and referenced copybook or include members.
  5. To validate the data set names that are referenced in JCL files, select Source > Validate JCL or press Alt+V in the JCL Editor.
  6. To disable the syntax parser, click the Disable syntax parser check box.
  7. COBOL 6.2 adds conditional compiler statements. If those statements are inside copybooks, you need to load copybooks synchronously. To load Copybooks synchronously, click the Load Copybooks synchronously check box.
  8. Click Apply to save your changes.