LDAP considerations

RSE server can be configured to query one or more LDAP servers for various z/OS® Explorer services:
  • Query LDAP groups for push-to-client multiple developer group support.
  • Query one or more Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) for X.509 authentication.
Note that TCP/IP security measures, such as firewalls, might stop the (host-based) RSE server from contacting the LDAP server. Use the following information to ensure the LDAP server can be reached:
  • The LDAP server TCP/IP addresses or DNS names are listed in *_LDAP_SERVER variables in rse.env.
  • The LDAP server port numbers are listed in *_LDAP_PORT variables in rse.env.
  • LDAP uses the TCP protocol.
  • The LDAP server is contacted by the host-based RSE server.
  • RSE server is active in an RSEDx address space, where RSED is the name of the RSE started task and x is a random one-digit number, for example RSED8.