Preinstallation considerations

For detailed instructions on the SMP/E installation of the product, see Program Directory for IBM® Explorer for z/OS (GI13-4314).

The z/OS® Explorer servers are single-system minded, and are not SYSPLEX aware. If you are using the servers in a SYSPLEX, you must ensure that the data requested by the users (data sets, job output, z/OS UNIX files) is available on the system z/OS Explorer is installed. See Predeployment considerations for cloning z/OS Explorer to other systems.

To run multiple instances of z/OS Explorer on a single host system, see "Running multiple instances" in the Host Configuration Reference Guide (SC27-8438).

The file system (HFS or zFS) in which z/OS Explorer is installed must be mounted with the SETUID permission bit on (this is the system default). Mounting the file system with the NOSETUID parameter prevents z/OS Explorer from creating the user's security environment, and rejects the connection requests of the client. The same is true for the file systems hosting Java™ and z/OS UNIX binaries.