The Remote System Explorer perspective

The default Remote System Explorer (RSE) perspective consists of a set of views for the management of the artifacts of your remote systems. The active perspective name is displayed on a button in the shortcut bar RSE perspective button. A tree of available systems is displayed in the Remote System view. You can use the tree to navigate to files, jobs, and open a TSO shell. To view RSE data, you must have a remote system daemon on the host system. If you can connect to z/OS® systems by using FTP or z/OSMF only, the RSE view is not populated with data, and you must switch to the z/OS perspective.

The RSE perspective consists of the following views:
  • Remote Systems view
  • Team view
  • Properties view
  • Remote Scratchpad view
  • Remote Edit History view
The area in the center of the perspective is the editor area. When you edit a file, the file contents are displayed in this area.

You can tailor the perspective by adding new views, removing existing views, moving around views, or changing the size of views. When you close z/OS Explorer, any changes you made to the perspective are saved, and next time z/OS Explorer starts, your tailored perspective is displayed.

You can restore the perspective to its last saved configuration at any time by clicking Window > Reset Perspective on the main menu for the workbench. You can reset the supplied perspectives to their default configuration by clicking Restore Defaults on the Perspectives pane in the Preferences window.

You can create and save multiple perspectives. For example, you might want to set up a perspective that shows only some of the views.
Note: When you save a perspective, you save only the layout of the views and editors in the workbench. If you change the width of a column in a view, that change is applied to that column in every perspective that contains the view. Any filter attributes you set are retained when you switch to another perspective or view.

For more information about RSE usage, see Generic RSE User Guide and RSE for z/OS User's Guide.