Installation user ID

The user ID that is used to install RSE API, or to install maintenance, must have at least the following attributes:
  • TSO access (with a normal region size).
  • An OMVS segment defined to the security system (for example, RACF®), both for the user ID and its default group.
    • The HOME field must refer to a home directory that is allocated for the user, with READ, WRITE, and EXECUTE access.
    • The PROGRAM field in the OMVS segment should be /bin/sh or other valid z/OS® UNIX shell, such as /bin/tcsh.
    • The user ID’s default group requires a GID.
  • UID=0 or READ authorization to the BPX.SUPERUSER profile in the FACILITY class.
  • If the BPX.FILEATTR.APF or BPX.FILEATTR.PROGCTL profiles are defined in the FACILITY class, READ access to these profiles.
  • READ, WRITE, and EXECUTE access to the /tmp directory (or a directory referenced in the TMPDIR environment variable).