Deploying z/OS Explorer to users without internet access

You can deploy z/OS® Explorer for other users without internet access. And you can also create a staging area between their users and the IBM® site.

To get the tools in the update site and distribute the tools locally within your organization to download and use, take the following steps:

  1. Download the latest package from Mainframe DevOps Downloads.
  2. Start your Eclipse after the download, and click Help > Install New Software.
  3. Select Add to open the Add Repository dialog.
  4. Select Archive on the Add Repository dialog to navigate to where you downloaded the package.
    Note: Select the button Archive instead of Local, because the package you download is a zip archive. The button Local is used for pointing at a folder that has the software.
  5. To point to the package downloaded quickly, type the location directly by using the format jar:/file:{path/}!/, for example, jar:file:/C:/temp/!/.
  6. Select the tools that you want to install from the list of update site contents.
  7. Follow the instructions that are provided to complete the installation.

To update the z/OS Explorer and other tools in the update site by using p2 without internet access, see Updating z/OS Explorer by using Eclipse p2 without internet access.