Preinstallation considerations

For detailed instructions on the SMP/E installation of the product, see Program Directory for IBM® Remote System Explorer API (GI13-5404).

The RSE API servers are single-system minded, and are not SYSPLEX aware. If you are using the servers in a SYSPLEX, you must ensure that the data requested by the users (data sets, job output, z/OS® UNIX files) is available on the system RSE API is installed. See Predeployment considerations for cloning RSE API to other systems.

The file system (HFS or zFS) in which RSE API is installed must be mounted with the SETUID permission bit on (this is the system default). Mounting the file system with the NOSETUID parameter prevents RSE API from creating the user's security environment, and rejects the connection requests of the client. The same is true for the file systems hosting Java™ and z/OS UNIX binaries.