Requirements and checklist

You need the assistance of a TCP/IP and security administrator to complete this customization task, which requires the following resources and special customization tasks:

  • PROFILE.TCPIP update
  • PROCLIB update
  • Security software updates
The following list is an overview of the actions that are required to complete the basic setup of AT-TLS and enable usage for communication with the RSE API server:
  1. Setting up syslogd
  2. AT-TLS configuration in PROFILE.TCPIP
  3. Policy Agent started task
  4. Policy Agent configuration
  5. AT-TLS policy
  6. AT-TLS security updates
  7. RSE API security updates
  8. AT-TLS policy activation
  9. Customize rseapi.env
  10. Customize the RSEAPI started task
Throughout this chapter, a uniform naming convention is used:
  • RSE API server port: 6800
  • RSE API started task user ID: STCAPI
  • RSE API server name (started task): RSEAPI
  • Policy Agent user ID: PAGENTD
  • Policy Agent started task: PAGENT
  • Host IP address:
  • RSE API certificate alias: HUH.cert
  • RSE API certificate storage: SAF.keyring

Some tasks described in the following sections expect you to be active in z/OS® UNIX. This can be done by issuing the TSO command OMVS. Use the oedit command to edit files in z/OS UNIX. Use the exit command to return to TSO.