Monitoring z/OS UNIX file systems

z/OS® Explorer uses z/OS UNIX file systems to store various types of data, such as logs and temporary files. Use the z/OS UNIX df command to see how many file descriptors are still available and how much free space is left before the next extent of the underlying HFS or zFS data set will be created.

$ df
Mounted on          Filesystem         Avail/Total     Files       Status
/tmp                (OMVS.TMP)         1393432/1396800 4294967248  Available
/u/ibmuser          (OMVS.U.IBMUSER)   1248/1728       4294967281  Available
/usr/lpp/IBM/zexpl  (OMVS.LPP.FEK)     3062/43200      4294967147  Available
/var                (OMVS.VAR)         27264/31680     4294967054  Available