IZE0105E Connection failed with exception: exception.


Thez/OS® Explorer is disconnecting from the system.

System action

Disconnection processing continues.

User response

Review the exception, perform the following actions, and try to connect to the system again:
  • Check that the network connection is still active.
  • Check that the connection parameters are correct.
  • Check that the Proxy connections are correct.
    Note: The default proxy Active Provider setting is Native. Any proxy settings that were discovered in the operating system are used. You must change this setting to Direct if you do not use proxy servers.

If you are using the CICS Explorer® and you are connecting to a CICS® system, and specifically a CICSPlex® SM WUI server CMCIPORT, for the first time, check the WUI server MSGUSR log for more error messages. If the log contains the messages DFHXS1111, DFHWB0361 and DFHAC2003, then ensure that your CICS Explorer userid has permission to attach the CWXN and CWWU transaction identifiers.