Installation repositories

Installable offerings, or packages, are stored in locations called repositories, which can be on an HTTP web server, shared network drive, physical discs, or a local workstation. Installation Manager retrieves packages from these repositories to install them on your system.

Anytime you start Installation Manager manually from the Windows Start menu, you must specify the repositories that contain the packages to be installed. Enter the repository details in the Installation Manager repository preferences so that Installation Manager knows where to look for them. For more details, see Setting repository preferences in Installation Manager.

Some organizations might bundle and host their own product packages within their intranet. For this type of business case scenario, see Installing from a repository on an HTTP server. Your system administrators must provide you with the correct URL.

By default, IBM® Installation Manager uses an embedded URL in each package that you install to connect to a repository server through the Internet and search for installable packages, such as service updates and new features.