Installing z/OS Explorer from scratch by using the Installation Manager

If you start from scratch, install z/OS® Explorer by downloading the IM installer for z/OS Explorer.

For a first-time user, install the z/OS Explorer by taking the following steps:
  1. Based on your operating system, download the appropriate IM installer for z/OS Explorer from Mainframe DevOps Downloads.
  2. Unzip the IM installer.
  3. Run the IM installer. You can run the IM installer as a user install or an administrator install. The administrator install uses a common area that will be available to all users of the PC and requires administrator permissions. The user install uses the home directory of the current user. The administrator install is less common because it is safer to not grant administrator permissions to the installer.
    • To run as a user install:
      • For Windows users, double-click the imLauncherWindowsUser.bat file.
      • For Linux® users, double-click the file.
      • For OS X users, double-click the InstallerImage_macosx_cocoa_x86_64/
    • To run as an administrator install:
      • For Windows users, double-click the imLauncherWindows.bat file.
      • For Linux users, double-click the file.
      • For OS X users, execute the file via terminal or double-click the InstallerImage_macosx_cocoa_x86_64/
  4. Select all available installation packages within IM installer for installation.