Identical software level, different configuration files

In a limited set of circumstances, you can share all but (some of) the customizable parts. An example is providing non-encrypted access for on-site usage, and encrypted communication for off-site usage.

Attention: The shared setup CANNOT be used safely to test maintenance, a technical preview, or a new release.

To set up another instance of an active z/OS® Explorer installation, redo the customization steps for the parts that are different, using different data sets, directories, and ports to avoid overlapping the current setup.

There are two methods for setting up similar configurations using the same code. Which one to choose depends on the changes needed in /etc/zexpl/rse.env. If the only changes to rse.env are to provide a unique RSED port number and unique log locations, then you can use the method described in Nearly identical rse.env. Use the method described in Different rse.env if there are more changes to rse.env.

The following topics are covered in this section: