Preinstallation tasks

Before you install the product, complete the following steps:
  1. Confirm that your system meets the requirements that are described in the Hardware and software requirements section.
  2. Confirm that your user ID meets the following access privileges for installing the product.
    • Your user ID must not contain double-byte characters.
    • To install for all users of the system, you must have an ID that belongs to the Administrators group. If you do not have Administrator privileges, you can only install for the current user.
  3. Before installing or uninstalling, disable antivirus and malware detection software.
    Note: Some antivirus and malware detection software occasionally locks certain files, especially .dll files. The locking interferes with installation and uninstallation operations. When .dll or other files are locked by these programs, installation and uninstallation operations fail with errors indicating that files might not be removed.