Managing archived files

You can work with archived files and folders in the Remote System Explorer.

Use the Remote Systems view perform the following actions with archived files:

Task Description
Browsing: To browse and open files in an archive, click the plus sign beside the archive to display the contents. Continue to expand folders within the archive or double-click any file to open it in the default editor. Save files as you normally would and they are saved in the archive. In the properties view, note the addition of "#archive#" to the path of the file, to indicate how the file exists inside the archive.
Copying and pasting: To copy and paste files, or move them from one location to another, right-click a file or folder inside an archive and select Copy or Move. (When you select Move instead of Copy, you delete the file in the original location, to move it to a new one.) Using the window that opens, you can paste the item to any archived, or unarchived location by expanding the tree-view to any specific location, and clicking OK. Note that you can perform this action across different connections as well. For more information, see Copying and pasting in the Remote System Explorer.
Dragging and dropping: You can drag and drop files between archives, from an archive to an unarchived location, or from an unarchived location into an archive. Expand both the original and destination locations in the Remote Systems view, click the item you want to move, and drag it with your cursor to the new location. Note that you can perform this action across different connections as well. For more information, see Dragging and dropping items in the Remote System Explorer.
Creating: To create files and folders inside an archive, or to create a new archive, right-click any folder in the archive, or the root level archive itself, and select:
  • New > File to create a normal file within the archive. You can also select the file type to be an archive, whereby you can create an archive inside of an archive.
  • New > Folder to create a normal folder within the archive. Then right-click your virtual folder to create more folders or files.
Deleting: To delete a file or folder from inside an archive, simply right-click the item and select Delete, or hit the Delete key.
Searching for content inside an archive: To search for files within an archive, right-click the archive, select Search, and complete the dialog box to specify what kinds of files and folder you want to find. Note that if you begin your search on a normal, unarchived directory that contains an archive, the default behaviour is not to search the archive. You need to check the Search archive files checkbox to search for contents inside archives in that directory.