First usage

Figure 1. Configuration flow
Configuration flow
Figure 1 shows a schematic overview of the panel structure used by the utility. It also marks the flow you follow during the initial configuration of z/OS® Explorer.
  1. Starting the utility brings you to a panel that shows all known configurations.
    Note: This panel is bypassed if there are no user-generated configurations.
  2. You start by specifying input and output locations.
  3. That leads you to the main menu.
  4. Here you indicate you want to configure z/OS Explorer.
  5. The configuration panel leads you to defining required customization variables.
  6. Then you can define optional customization variables.
  7. When all input is provided, you generate workflow jobs, which brings you back to the table with the known configurations. (Step 1.)
  8. Now you select the workflow item.
  9. Then execute the listed tasks to build the configured z/OS Explorer setup.