Using the JCL Outline view

When you open a file in the JCL Editor, an outline of the file opens in the Outline view. You can expand or collapse file divisions, sort file divisions by name, or filter file divisions by name.

About this task

The divisions in a JCL file are identified by icons in the Outline view:
Icon Outline element
DD statement icon DD statement
EXEC statement icon EXEC statement
JOB statement icon JOB statement


  • To expand and collapse sections in the Outline view, click Expand outline or Collapse outline next to the program section you want to expand or collapse. When you place the cursor on a line in the editor, the outline expands or collapses the corresponding node.
  • To sort sibling nodes in the outline in ascending order by name, click Sort elements by name toolbar button.
  • To hide parts of the JCL file according to their name:
    1. Select Filters from the drop-down menu.
      The JCL Element Filters window opens.
    2. Type a name pattern in the field.
      You can use the * and ? wildcard characters in the filter string. Separate multiple filter strings with commas.
    3. Click Ignore case to match strings in upper, lower, or mixed case.
    4. Click OK.
      The Outline view hides any JCL elements that match the filter strings entered.
    5. To show any of these filtered elements, select Filters again, delete the filter strings from the field, and click OK.