File truncation warning

The JCL Editor provides a file truncation warning when you attempt to save a remote or local file that contains lines that exceed the file's record length limit.

To enable a user defined max length file truncation warning for files in the JCL Editor, take the following steps:
  1. Select Window (on Windows) or IBM Developer for z Systems (on macOS) > Preferences from the menu bar.
  2. Extend JCL > Editor, and select Save Actions.
  3. Under File truncation warning, select Enable maximum line length and specify the maximum line length allowed before a truncation warning is issued.

An additional check is done when you save a remote file in the JCL Editor, it checks for any lines that exceed the record length limit.

If any lines exceed either limit, a window opens warning you that these lines are truncated when the file is saved. Click Yes to continue with the file save operation or No to return to the editor to fix the lines in question.

For a remote file, if the user defined maximum is longer than the record length limit, and it is exceeded, two error windows could be seen.

The editor positions the file at the first line that exceeds the record length limit.