Changing z/OS UNIX file and directory permissions

Depending on the function you are trying to perform, you might want to change the access permissions for a file or a directory in the z/OS® UNIX file system. You can change the permissions using z/OS Explorer.

This task explains how to change the permissions on a z/OS UNIX file or directory.

  1. In the z/OS UNIX Files view, right-click the file or directory for which you want to change the permissions and click Properties.
    The Properties window is displayed, showing the current access settings of the file or directory.
  2. If this file is to be exported, you can specify whether the file is treated as ASCII or binary by setting the Transfer mode.
  3. Select the access permissions required by selecting or deselecting the Read, Write, and Execute check boxes in the Owner, Group, and Other permission groups.
  4. Click Apply to apply the settings without closing the dialog, or click OK to apply the settings and close the dialog.

The access permissions are applied to the file or directory.