User's Guides

A set of User's Guides that describe the usage of z/OS Explorer are available to help you use z/OS® Explorer. Each of these User's Guide has specific target functions.

IBM Explorer for z/OS provides access to z/OS resources such as MVS data sets, the z/OS UNIX file system, and jobs. You can connect to z/OS to work with the z/OS resources either by using the Remote System Explorer (RSE) host program or by using an API that is provided by a direct method such as FTP or z/OSMF. Based on the connection method that you choose, refer to different User's Guides.

Using the RSE is the preferred method of connecting IBM Explorer for z/OS to work with z/OS resources because RSE provides the largest range of capabilities. You can connect to z/OS from the Remote Systems view in the RSE perspective. For more information about the RSE, see RSE for z/OS User's Guide and Generic RSE User's Guide.
If no RSE host is running on the z/OS system and an FTP port or z/OSMF system exists, you can use the z/OS system perspective to show resources. You can connect to z/OS from the Host Connections view in the z/OS perspective. For more information about the FTP or z/OSMF connection, see IBM Explorer for z/OS User's Guide.