The TSO Commands service

The TSO Commands service is the z/OS® Explorer component which executes TSO and (batch) ISPF commands, and returns the result to the requesting client. These commands can be requested implicitly by the product, or explicitly by the user.

The sample members provided with z/OS Explorer create a minimal TSO/ISPF environment. If the developers in your shop need access to custom or third-party libraries, the z/OS system programmer must add the necessary DD statements and libraries to the TSO Commands service environment. Although the implementation is different in z/OS Explorer, the logic behind it is identical to the TSO logon procedure.

Note: The TSO Commands service is a non-interactive command-line tool, so commands or procedures that prompt for data or display ISPF panels will not work. When the Interactive ISPF Gateway is used to create the TSO Commands service, prompting for data is supported, but ISPF panels are not. A 3270 emulator, such as Remote Connection Emulator which is a part of the IBM Developer for z/OS client, is needed to execute these.
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