Requirements and checklist

You need the assistance of a security administrator and a TCP/IP administrator to complete this customization task, which requires the following resources and special customization tasks:
  • LPA data set
  • APF-authorized data set
  • Various PARMLIB updates
  • Various security software updates
  • Various TCP/IP ports for internal and client-host communication
To verify the installation and to start using z/OS® Explorer at your site, do the following tasks. Unless otherwise indicated, all tasks are mandatory.
  1. Create customizable copies of samples and create the work environment for z/OS Explorer. For details, see Customization setup.
  2. Update z/OS UNIX system limits, update product registration, start started tasks, and define APF-authorized and LPA data sets. For details, see PARMLIB changes.
  3. Create started task procedures. For details, see PROCLIB changes.
  4. Update security definitions. For details, see Security definitions. To establish thread security, you must understand how PassTickets are used. See "Using PassTickets" in Host Configuration Reference Guide (SC27-8438).
  5. Customize z/OS Explorer configuration files. For details, see :