Use zFS file systems

zFS (zSeries File System) and HFS (Hierarchical File System) are both UNIX file systems that can be used in a z/OS® UNIX environment. However, zFS provides the following features and benefits:
  • Performance gains in many customer environments when accessing files approaching 8K in size that are frequently accessed and updated. The access performance of smaller files is equivalent to that of HFS.
  • Read-only cloning of a file system in the same data set. The cloned file system can be made available to users to provide a read-only point-in-time copy of a file system. This is an optional feature that is available only in a non-sysplex environment.
  • zFS is the strategic z/OS UNIX file system. The HFS functionality has been stabilized, and enhancements to the file system will be for zFS only.

Refer to UNIX System Services Planning (GA22-7800) to learn more about zFS.