Removing a default setting from a category or connection

If a connection is set as default, you can remove that default setting so that it is not used for automatic connection when you start z/OS® Explorer.

One connection in each connection category can be set as the default. You can remove the default setting from a connection so that it is not used for automatic connection when you start z/OS Explorer.
  1. If the Host Connections view is not open, click Window > Manage Connections from the workbench menu to open the view.
  2. In the Host Connections view, expand the tree in the Connections section and locate the connection category or connection that is currently set as default.
  3. Right-click the connection category or connection, then click Remove from default connections.
    Default is no longer shown in parentheses after the connection name and the credential.
  4. Repeat the previous two steps for each additional connection in a different category that you want to remove the default setting from.
The connection and its associated credentials remain, but it is no longer the default connection for that connection category. Any other connections in a different category that are set as default are unaffected.