ISPF Client Gateway

Verify the ISPF Gateway connection by executing one of the following commands, with these replacements:
  • Replace userid with a valid TSO user ID that has a unique z/OS® UNIX UID. If this UID is not unique, all users sharing it must be valid TSO users.
  • Replace proc with a valid TSO logon procedure for this user ID that does not invoke ISPF panels.
  • Replace acct with a valid account number for this user ID.
  • Replace group with a valid security group ID for this user ID.
  • Replace size with a valid region size for this user ID.
For Legacy ISPF Gateway, issue:
For Interactive ISPF Gateway, issue:
MODIFY RSED,APPL=IVP ISPF,userid,P=proc,A=acct,G=group,S=size

These commands are functionally identical to the fekfivpi IVP described Verify the services. The commands should return a success message.

Note: These IVPs do not prompt for a password, and the RSE daemon will generate a PassTicket that will be used as a password. Therefore, do not use a user ID that requires you to present a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) token before PassTickets are allowed.