User exit activation

User exits are activated with the _RSE_JAVAOPTS <exit_point>.action variables in rse.env, where <exit_point> represents a keyword identifying a specific exit point, as documented in Available exit points.
#_RSE_JAVAOPTS="$_RSE_JAVAOPTS –D<exit_point>.action=<user_exit>"
By default, all exit points are disabled. Uncomment and specify the full pathname of the user exit routine to enable the exit point.
#_RSE_JAVAOPTS="$_RSE_JAVAOPTS –D<exit_point><userid>"

By default, the user ID assigned to RSE daemon is used to execute the provided exit routine. Uncomment and specify a user ID to use the specified ID for executing the user exit. There is no need to specify a password, because RSE will generate a PassTicket to be used as password when it switches to the specified user ID.