SETUID file system attribute

Remote Systems Explorer (RSE) is the z/OS® Explorer component that provides core services such as connecting the client to the host. It must be allowed to perform tasks such as creating the user’s security environment.

The file system (HFS or zFS) in which z/OS Explorer is installed must be mounted with the SETUID permission bit on (this is the system default). Mounting the file system with the NOSETUID parameter will prevent z/OS Explorer from creating the user’s security environment, and will fail the connection request. Other indicators for this setup problem are:
  • console message "FEK999E The module, fekfomvs must be marked as APF-authorized"
  • PassTicket IVP fails with "ICH409I 282-010 ABEND DURING RACHECK PROCESSING"

Similar errors (such as messages BPXP014I and BPXP015I) can be expected if the file systems hosting Java™ or z/OS UNIX binaries are mounted with the NOSETUID parameter.

Use the TSO ISHELL command to list the current status of the SETUID bit. In the ISHELL panel, select File_systems > 1. Mount table... to list the mounted file systems. The a line command will show the attributes for the selected file system, where the “Ignore SETUID” field should be 0.