Security definitions

To create the security definitions for RSE API, customize and submit the sample HUHRACF member. The user submitting this job must have security administrator privileges, such as being RACF® SPECIAL.

HUHRACF is located in HUH.#CUST.JCL, unless you specified a different location when you customized and submitted the HUH.SHUHSAMP(HUHSETUP) job. For more details, see Customization setup.

The following list of security-related definitions for RSE API are discussed in detail in Security definitions.
  • Define an OMVS segment for RSE API users
  • Define the RSEAPI started tasks
  • Define RSE API as a secure z/OS® UNIX server
  • Define PassTicket support for RSE API
  • Define data set profiles
Note: The sample commands assume that the setup for requisite product IBM Explorer for z/OS (FMID HALGxxx) is already completed, and that the same group name is used.