Customization setup

RSE API contains several sample configuration files and sample JCL. To avoid overwriting your customizations when applying maintenance, copy all of these members and z/OS® UNIX files to a different location, and customize the copy.

Some functions of RSE API require the existence of certain directories in z/OS UNIX, which must be created during the customization of the product. To ease the installation effort, a sample job, HUHSETUP, is provided to create the copies and the required directories.

To create customizable copies of configuration files and configuration JCL, and to create required z/OS UNIX directories, customize and submit the sample HUHSETUP member in the HUH.SHUHSAMP data set. The required customization steps are described within the member.

This job performs the following tasks:
  • Create HUH.#CUST.PROCLIB and populate it with sample SYS1.PROCLIB members.
  • Create HUH.#CUST.JCL and populate it with sample configuration JCL.
  • Populate /etc/zexpl/* with sample configuration files.
  • Create /var/zexpl/rseapi/* directory structure.
  • The configuration steps in this publication use the member and file locations created by the HUHSETUP job, unless noted otherwise. The original samples, which should not be updated, are in HUH.SHUHSAMP and /usr/lpp/IBM/rseapi/tomcat.base/samples and /usr/lpp/IBM/rseapi/tomcat.base/lib.
  • For more details on which sample members are copied to which data set, and for more details on which directories are created, their permission bitmask, and where the various sample files are copied to, see the comments in HUH.SHUHSAMP(HUHSETUP).
  • To aid in migrating an existing setup, the comments in HUH.SHUHSAMP(HUHSETUP) also document the changes between different versions of RSE API.