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Software call home

The software call home feature collects files, logs, traces, and details of certain system health events from different nodes and services in an IBM Spectrum Scale™ cluster.

These details are shared with the IBM® support center for monitoring and problem determination. For more information on call home, see Installing call home and Understanding call home.

Configuring hardware and software call home

You can configure call home (hardware and software) using the gsscallhomeconf command. You can use the --no-swcallhome option to set up just the call home hardware, and skip the software call home set up.

The call home hardware and software call home can be set up using the following command:
[root@ems1 ~]# gsscallhomeconf -E ems1 -N ems1,gss_ppc64 --suffix=-ib
The command gives an output similar to the following:
2017-02-07T21:46:27.952187 Generating node list...
2017-02-07T21:46:29.108213 nodelist: ems1 essio11 essio12
2017-02-07T21:46:29.108243 suffix used for endpoint hostname: -ib
End point ems1-ib registered successfully with systemid 802cd01aa0d3fc5137f006b7c9d95c26
End point essio11-ib registered successfully with systemid c7dba51e109c92857dda7540c94830d3
End point essio12-ib registered successfully with systemid 898fb33e04f5ea12f2f5c7ec0f8516d4
End point enclosure G5CT018 registered successfully with systemid
End point enclosure G5CT016 registered successfully with systemid
ESA configuration for ESS Callhome is complete.
Started configuring software callhome
Checking for ESA is activated or not before continuing.
Fetching customer detail from ESA.
Customer detail has been successfully fetched from ESA.
Setting software callhome customer detail.
Successfully set the customer detail for software callhome.
Enabled daily schedule for software callhome.
Enabled weekly schedule for software callhome.
Direct connection will be used for software calhome.
Successfully set the direct connection settings for software callhome.
Enabled software callhome capability.
Creating callhome automatic group
Created auto group for software call home and enabled it.
Software callhome configuration completed.
If you want to skip the software call home set up, use the following command:
[root@ems3 ~]# gsscallhomeconf -E ems3 -N ems3,gss_ppc64 --suffix=-te --register=all --no-swcallhome
The command gives an output similar to the following:
2017-01-23T05:34:42.005215 Generating node list...
2017-01-23T05:34:42.827295 nodelist:    ems3 essio31 essio32
2017-01-23T05:34:42.827347 suffix used for endpoint hostname: -te
End point ems3-te registered sucessfully with systemid 37e5c23f98090750226f400722645655
End point essio31-te registered sucessfully with systemid 35ae41e0388e08fd01378ae5c9a6ffef
End point essio32-te registered sucessfully with systemid 9ea632b549434d57baef7c999dbf9479
End point enclosure SV50321280 registered sucessfully with systemid 600755dc0aa2014526fe5945981b0e08
End point enclosure SV50918672 registered sucessfully with systemid 92aa6428102b44a4a1c9a293402b324c
ESA configuration for ESS Callhome is complete.
Important: If the software call home set up has been skipped, it can be reconfigured again. However, the user needs to reconfigure both the call home hardware and the software call home again.
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