Introducing IBM Spectrum Scale RAID

This topic describes the basic concepts, features, and functions of IBM Spectrum Scale™ RAID: redundancy codes, end-to-end checksums, data declustering, and administrator configuration, including recovery groups, declustered arrays, virtual disks, and virtual disk NSDs.

IBM Spectrum Scale RAID is a software implementation of storage RAID technologies within IBM Spectrum Scale. Using conventional dual-ported disks in a JBOD configuration, IBM Spectrum Scale RAID implements sophisticated data placement and error-correction algorithms to deliver high levels of storage reliability, availability, and performance. Standard GPFS™ file systems are created from the NSDs defined through IBM Spectrum Scale RAID.

IBM Spectrum Scale RAID is available with the IBM Elastic Storage Server (ESS) 5.1 for Power®. ESS is a high-capacity, high-performance storage solution that combines IBM® Power Systems™ servers, storage enclosures, drives, software (including IBM Spectrum Scale RAID), and networking components. ESS uses a building-block approach to create highly-scalable storage for use in a broad range of application environments.