Integrating RQA customer-managed with DOORS Next

Before users can use IBM Engineering Requirements Quality Assistant (RQA), an administrator must configure the RQA widget catalog, and add the RQA widget URL to the Jazz® Team Server URL allowlist.

Before you begin

  • DOORS Next must be deployed and configured.
  • You must have access to the RQA dashboard.


Complete the following steps to integrate RQA with DOORS Next:

  1. Configuring the RQA widget catalog
  2. Adding the RQA widget URL to the Jazz Team Server URL allowlist

Configuring the RQA widget catalog


As an administrator, you can create the RQA widget catalog. After you create it, you can add the RQA widget catalog URL to the widget catalog. After that, users can add the RQA widget to their Mini Dashboards by clicking Watson Catalog > Add Widget.

  1. Create the WidgetCatalog.xml file. For more information, see Creating a widget catalog XML file.
  2. Download the archive from the wiki to your system.
  3. Extract the archive into a directory in your system.
  4. Enable the dropins directory. For more information, see the Configure the name and location of the “dropins” directory section on Controlling dynamic updates.
  5. Copy the dng-watson.png, dng-watson_pre.png, and dng-watson_WidgetCatalog_thumb.png files into the C:\Program Files\IBM\JazzTeamServer\server\liberty\servers\clm\dropins\war\extensions directory.
    Note: For the Linux® OS, copy the files into the directory that is shown in the following example:

    The default directory /opt/IBM/JazzTeamServer that is mentioned in the example can be different as it depends on the path where you install the Jazz Team Server (JTS).

  6. Add the entry for RQA in the widget catalog so that users can easily set it up.
    1. Go to JazzTeamServer\server\liberty\servers\clm\dropins\war\extensions and edit the WidgetCatalog.xml file to add the RQA entry. See the following example:
           <dc:description>IBM Engineering Requirements Quality Assistant (RQA) works with IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Next (DOORS Next) to detect potential ambiguities and other issues in requirements to help improve their quality.</dc:description>
           <dc:title>IBM Engineering Requirements Quality Assistant</dc:title>
           <ju:gadget rdf:resource='https://rqa-dngwidget-route-<namespace>.<domain>/dng-widget?tenantId=rqa-tenant’/> 
           <ju:icon rdf:resource="./dng-watson/dng-watson.png"/> 
           <ju:icon rdf:resource="./dng-watson/dng-watson.png"/> 
           <ju:preview rdf:resource="./dng-watson/dng-watson_pre.png"/>
           <ju:thumbnail rdf:resource="./dng-watson/dng-watson_WidgetCatalog_thumb.png"/> 
            <ju:category>Sample Extensions</ju:category>
    2. On the DOORS Next Administration menu, click Manage Server Administration and then click Application > Advanced Properties. In the User Extension Catalog URL field, enter the URL for WidgetCatalog.xml. For example, https://fully_qualified_hostname:9443/extensions/WidgetCatalog.xml

      Adding the WidgetCatalog.xml URL for the Watson Catalog

Adding the RQA widget URL to the Jazz Team Server URL allowlist

You add the URL for the RQA widget to the Jazz Team Server URL allowlist. The URL allowlist permits applications, clients, and web pages for the server to send requests to other sites.


  1. On the RQA administrator dashboard, click the Getting Started tab.
  2. Copy the RQA widget URL for DOORS Next.
    For example: https://rqa-dngwidget-route-<namespace>.<domain>/dng-widget?tenantId=rqa-tenant.
  3. Log in to the DOORS Next page https://fully_qualified_hostname:<port>/jts/admin.
  4. Click Manage Server.
  5. In the Communication pane, click Allowlist (Outbound).
  6. In the Add New Allowlist URL section, in the Enter Base URL field, enter the RQA widget URL that you copied in step 2. Then, click Add.
  7. In the Configuration section, click Advanced Properties.
  8. Click External resources allowlist to edit its value. Enter your subscription URL and click Save.


Users can now add the RQA widget to the DOORS Next Mini Dashboard.