Extending DOORS with DXL

The IBM® Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® (DOORS) eXtension Language (DXL) is an easy-to-learn scripting language that you can use to control and extend DOORS functions.

  • Automate routine or complex tasks, such as calculating attribute values.
  • Respond to events by triggering custom programs.
  • Add your own options to DOORS menus.

DXL syntax is like C and C++.

For a full description of DXL, see the DXL Reference Manual, which is available as a PDF and from the Help menu.

Also, see the following video on YouTube: Introduction to DOORS eXtension Language (DXL).

DXL encryption tool

DXL encrypted with DOORS 9.0 or earlier does not work with later versions of DOORS. If you have user-encrypted DXL with DOORS 9.0 or earlier, your DXL needs to be re-encrypted using the DXL Encryption Tool.

The tool, and instructions on how to use it are available from IBM support at DXL Encryption Tool.