Creating links

You can use drag-and-drop or the Links menu to create links between objects in Rational® DOORS®. This topic describes creating links using drag-and-drop.

Before you begin

You must have modify access to the source object and read access to the target object of the link.

To link objects that are in different modules, open both modules. Arrange them so that you can see both modules on your screen at the same time.


  1. Select the objects that you want to link to or from. Without releasing the mouse button, drag your cursor to the object that you want to link.
    The selected objects are highlighted with a pink background. If you want to link from multiple objects, do not release the mouse button before you drag the mouse.
  2. Release the mouse button, and select Make Link from Start or Make Link to Start.
  3. If there is no default link module, or no linkset for the link you are creating, messages are displayed. Click Yes to create a link module for the link, and click Yes to create a linkset in the module.
    Note: If you cancel the link creation, you can clear the link start by selecting Link > Clear Start from any module.