Overview of Rational DOORS Web Access

Rational DOORS Web Access gives you web-based access to the requirements in a Rational DOORS database. You can create, analyze, edit, and discuss requirements from your office, your study, and the airport lounge.

With Rational DOORS Web Access business managers, development, QA, customers, and suppliers can create, elaborate, and validate requirements using a web browser. Early collaboration on requirements can help avoid errors early in the development lifecycle and reduce project costs.

You can deploy Rational DOORS Web Access quickly and easily to your user community. No software installation is required; all your users need is a web browser.

Rational DOORS Web Access makes it easy to foster dynamic input on requirements:
  • Stakeholders can add requirements, analyze or elaborate on existing requirements, or validate a specification directly from their web browser.
  • Development teams can create traceability for impact analysis and traceability compliance.
  • Geographically distributed teams can stay up-to-date with the latest project requirements information.
  • Business users, marketing, suppliers, systems engineers, and business analysts can collaborate directly through requirements discussions.
  • You can achieve scalability fast by increasing the number of concurrent users on a single requirements repository.

You log in to the web client with your Rational DOORS user name and password. You can work with projects, folders, and modules. When you log in, you are assigned a Review package that provides read-only access to artifacts. If you have access to a license for editing, you can switch to the Edit package to enable permissions to create, edit, copy, move, and delete artifacts in the database. You can select a default package to match your typical use as a reviewer or an editor.